Love and Relationship

Love is a flame that always needs feeding. 
Love, Passion, Marriage, Break ups… 

SolMantra Love and relationship advice is so uniquely designed   by our astrologists especially to deal with all the themes of a couple's relationship. You will find advice on how to face delicate moments in your relationship
Al relationship is not merely about love. It is also about giving, sharing, sacrificing, adjusting, in-laws, and babies! It is all about bringing two souls together from different backgrounds and upbringing and here we will help you to share the unique ways to make the bond stronger day by day every day.
Question is that what’s the cause of divorce or separation between husband and wife. There are many reasons of divorce or separation. Astrology gives very clear indication about divorce. At SolMantra will help you all your marital issues, break up problems and will tell you how feasible and successful your marriage life will be.
Apart from this Sol Mantra gives you consultation through authentic and scientific calculation though personal details of individual clients for various other relationship issues like break ups, relation compatibility, post marriage issues, parental issues, in –laws issues. After a detailed study diagnostic healing remedies will be provided for resolving any specific disputes. We also provide detailed reports of the consultation, as required by the client.